Red Bull X Good Vibes 2014


In an effort to break the mould of usual festival sponsor activation, Red Bull’s activation was going to see entertainment brought OFF the stages and into crowds with pop-up gigs across the festival grounds. Our objective was to maximize the buzz and visibility of Red Bull’s sponsorship and activation at Good Vibes Festival 2014. 

What we did

Red Bull X Good Vibes STREET

To create anticipation (and photo opportunities), we started the Red Bull X Good Vibes campaign two weekends before the actual festival day. Popular Malaysian DJs took to the streets of Klang Valley in the Red Bull Event Vehicle (EV) Chief, in a series of guerilla-styled pop up parties.
We seeded out information on the whereabouts of EV Chief only via social media and the engaged DJs and artists.

Special invitations

To memorability and to generate social media visibility in the week leading up to the festival, Good Vibes Kits were hand-delivered by the Wings Team to specially invited media and Friends of Red Bull.


About Red Bull

Red Bull is the world's leading energy drink that has been recognized throughout by top athletes, busy professionals, college students and travellers. Red Bull has been giving wings to people and ideas for more than 27 years and today, Red Bull employs more than 10,400 people, is available in more than 167 countries, and around 44 billion cans of Red Bull have been consumed.