Jotun: Global Colour Trends 2015 Launch


Our communications objective was to launch Jotun's Global Colour Trends 2015 in a manner that would engage lifestyle media and industry professionals alike. 

What we did

Targeted Lifestyle Stories

To engage media beyond industry and interior design titles, we pitched interviews with Norway-based Lisbeth Larsen, Jotun Global Colour Manager with angles focused more on her inspirations (including travel, culture, food and experience) and trend-spotting process driving the development of colours.

Lifestyle Launch Event

Taking lead from Lisbeth Larsen Jotun Global Colour Manager who said- “Colour is an everyday part of our lives. I am convinced that colour is a powerful tool that enriches and vitalizes our surroundings.”- we set out to introduce Jotun’s Global Colour Trends with focus beyond just its interior decorative aspects. For this, we engaged food, beverage and lifestyle purveyors 23 Aubergine to curate canapé spreads, each taking inspiration from the respective colour themes being launched.

This kind of PR work requires a lot of work in advance. I felt you all were very well prepared for the whole event - and you even managed to inform/prepare me for all the interviews :) Well done! I had a great time working with people who are that dedicated and creative!
— Lisbeth Larsen, Jotun Global Colour Manager

Invited guests’ journeys began with a “taste” of what to expect as their invitations took the form of specially crafted cookies in representative colours, all packaged into a custom made food pail with event information and RSVP details.Set in a unique photo studio with high walls, wide white spaces and plenty of natural light, the launch event resembled more of an art exhibition than a corporate product launch.

Guests entered a room tastefully incorporated with the new colour trends where everything from the custom made benches they sat on to the food they were served, was a showcase of colour. Each of the three colour trends being launched were showcased in simple and chic room-inspiration displays.

Featured media:

About JOTUN Malaysia

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