Come sit with us!

Mad Hat PR is a team of fresh, nutty, entrepreneurial hatters. Brimming with ideas and hungry for the next boundary to push, we work closely with partners to build fun and effective communication strategies to get the right messages out to (and this is the important bit) the right audiences.

We’re looking for fresh minds to join us as we grow to greater, crazier heights. 

We work in a colonial villa in Petaling Jaya, surrounded by scrumptious food fare (priorities!). Everyone's working preferences and optimal hours are different, so we encourage all Hatters to plan a few work-at-home (or-at-hipster-cafe) days every month. 

Be sure to come with great time management, fantastic communication skills, a confidence to critique, some degree of OCD (read: be organised) and an insatiable hunger to learn. Send us an email and tell us a little bit about yourself, tell us a funny story, and tell us what you’d like to do everyday! We are also driven by each other’s passions so if you have a side project or business in mind, talk to us about it.

Just drop us a mail at

Currently seeking: 

Intern Extraordinaires (Admin and PR roles):

Students from any discipline (business admin, mass comm, engineering, law. Diversity fuels us!) who are geared to get practical experience across Mad Hat PR communication projects. Must be organised, have good time management, basic knowledge of Microsoft office (word, excel, powerpoint), strong communication skills and eagerness to learn. Confidence and a passion to learn will get you most of the way, we'll teach you the rest!

Insanity Manager

Experienced in the field of communications, someone who can work directly with partners to develop campaign strategies and manage projects. Role includes elements of writing, content planning, client relations, budgeting, and media relations. Also heavy emphasis on project coordination and team nurturing. Must possess strong English language skills and experience in handling multiple projects simultaneously. Existing relationships with media a plus.

Hatter Director

With a minimum 7 years agency experience and 4 years managing a team, the Hatter Director role is for someone who is passionate about building teams, developing effective processes, and leading creative development. Must be able to effectively lead PR strategy development, business development, resource management and cultivate talent.